D735Scott R. Stafford
Market Analysis

Scott tracks national, regional and metropolitan area market swings, directing Milestone’s focus toward the best geographic opportunities for appreciation.  Scott is one of approximately 100 applied demographers working in the US today. As a recognized expert in this elite field, Scott has advised major corporations, worked with government to improve public health, and has taught market research and segmentation for institutions including The Burke Institute, Graduate School USA, and Georgetown University. He also holds a US Patent and Patent Pending on an urban planning analysis system.

Scott is the inventor and developer of a commercial real estate analysis software system being used by Milestone and currently being marketed to other real estate professionals throughout the US.  This is a powerful tool, yielding phenomenal market intelligence and is an integral part of the Milestone underwriting  process. Through the use of Scott’s selection system, Milestone confidently identifies markets and neighborhoods that indicate the best opportunity for growth and profit. 

As well as  playing an active role in underwriting for Milestone properties, he  is “on the circuit” and a platform speaker for a nationally known education network attended by hundreds of multifamily real estate investors.