A seasoned executive, Chris excels at business planning, capital management, funding and acquisition strategies. His experience managing elite, highly-skilled teams insure that Milestone maintains focus on our core mission: to provide reliable and significant returns for our partners and our investors.

Chris brings significant leadership experience to Milestone. Eight years in the Navy managing high-
security technology teams positioned him to rise quickly in the early tech boom. He was instrumental in team management, systems admin, merging tech teams and their computer networks, as companies and technologies, grew and came together. He is responsible for creating and maintaining many federal agencies technology systems with such agencies as TSA, HHS and DOI.

Chris leads and motivates teams to achieve peak levels of performance. This need to lead guides his investment strategies as well. Realizing tremendous growth for investors is what motivates Chris to find only the best opportunities that maximize returns while maintaining the safety of the investor’s capital.

For those investors with a higher tolerance for risk, Chris always keeps an eye out for high reward opportunities while developing strategies to mitigate the risk.